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You want to support us? 



Do you want to support a young, ambitious, self-produced, self-directed circus company with inspiration, a vision for a new style of circus shows and the strong urge of bringing our artistic ideas on stage?


From time to time we face some financial obstacles in the creation, realization and administration of our shows. We are keen to make a change within stereotypical showconcepts and take a unique approach in our work to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

In order to sustain as a company we would love to ensure a financial security for every department, in order to create new projects with the possibility to focus entirely on our creative work. You would make it possible for us not to worry about costumes, about rehearsal rooms, storagespaces for our props and equipment or the allover administrative workflow that is required to run a moving show.


We would not stand where we are right now without the support of a lot of friends and people who believe in this project! If you are interested in seeing new projects from us we would love to ask you to become our supporter through a donation.

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